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Hearing Protection

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. The problem is there is no cure for sensory neural hearing loss. In conjunction with our hearing protection partners, Starkey and Puretone, we offer a range of custom hearing protection and communication products.

Whether you are exposed to noise at work or through your leisure pursuits, extended exposure to loud noise will damage your hearing. Recent academic research found that noise induced hearing loss is the second most common cause of hearing loss next to presbycusis (age related hearing loss).

Noise induced hearing loss is permanent, irreversible, but most importantly it can be prevented, so isn't it worth taking steps to protect your hearing.

At Cheshire Hearing Centres we specialise in custom made noise protection designed and manufactured specifically for your personal noise situation. Where applicable our products are CE marked as Personal Protective Equipment. This gives an employer peace of mind that they are supplying their employees with equipment that conforms to BS EN 352-2 (the British and European standard for Ear Plugs).

Construction and Industry Solutions

Custom Made from an impression of the users ear, these noise plugs can be supplied as a total block that will naturally attenuate higher frequency noise more than lower frequency noise. Alternatively plugs can be fitted with filters that reduce the attenuation characteristics but allow a user to hear their environment or a work colleague.

What ever environment you work in, these plugs can be manufactured to your own requirements such as high visibility colours - where it can be seen from a distance that the plugs are being worn or a specialist version for the food processing industry.

Motorcycling and Leisure Solutions

Motorcycling and motorsport have long being recognised as a source of damaging levels of noise. For use on the road where motorcyclist need to hear traffic around them we recommend filtered custom noise plugs. These will still provide high levels of attenuation of the increased wind noise caused by turbulence under a helmet.

For competition, we recommend solid custom noise plugs for maximum protection. Where required, these can be configured as communication earphones where pit to car radio is used or co-driver to driver in a rally scenario.

Music Industry Solutions

Whether you work as a DJ, musician or sound engineer we supply the ER9 ER15 and ER25 range of hearing protection developed by Etymotic Research. Where conventional noise plugs will deliver greater attenuation in the higher frequencies, these custom made musicians plugs are capable of providing a flat attenuation of 9,15 or 25 decibels.

Shooting Solutions

Whether you are involved in law enforcement or you shoot for pleasure we provide a number of custom made passive options similar to the noise plugs we supply to industry. These can be solid or filtered depending on your requirements.

For the ultimate in shooting protection we supply a number of electronic ear defenders such as the CENS range where soft sounds such as a clay trap or a bird taking flight can be heard but the noise from your shot or just as importantly those of others in your group are suppressed - all this whilst still being able to have conversation at normal levels.

Swimming Ear Protection

For some people it is absolutely essential that they keep water out of their ears. They may have had recent ear surgery, they could have perforated ear drums or be prone to recurrent ear infections. Others simply can't stand the sensation of water in the ears.

Cheshire Hearing Centres supply custom made in the ear plugs in a variety of colours. Fitted correctly they will reduce the likelihood of water entering the ear. Though called swim plugs, they can be used in any situation where you risk getting water in the ears such as showering or bathing. A typical swim plug customer could range from a child who has recently had grommets fitted to a surfer or diver.

If you would like further information on any of our custom made hearing protection products just get in touch.

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