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Collection: Hearing Protection

It is said that prevention is always better than cure. The problem is there is no cure for sensory neural hearing loss. In conjunction with our hearing protection partners, Starkey and Puretone, we offer a range of custom hearing protection and communication products.

Whether you are exposed to noise at work or through your leisure pursuits, extended exposure to loud noise will damage your hearing. Recent academic research found that noise induced hearing loss is the second most common cause of hearing loss next to presbycusis (age related hearing loss).

Noise induced hearing loss is permanent, irreversible, but most importantly it can be prevented, so isn't it worth taking steps to protect your hearing.

At Cheshire Hearing Centres we specialise in custom made noise protection designed and manufactured specifically for your personal noise situation. Where applicable our products are CE marked as Personal Protective Equipment. This gives an employer peace of mind that they are supplying their employees with equipment that conforms to BS EN 352-2 (the British and European standard for Ear Plugs).

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