Due to the COVID-19 outbreak we are currently following the latest Government and Professional Guidelines to ensure your safety.

COVID-19 Procedures

Adhering to the latest Government & Professional Guidelines

You can be rest assured that we have very strict rules about following the latest Government & Professional Guidelines at all times.  

For Ear Wax Removal customers: At the beginning of your appointment you will be issued with a PPE pack which contains: A mask, Pen, Gel & a complimentary slip in a plastic wallet.

We have a full risk assessment that can be viewed at any time in our clinic.

Before your audiology appointment

  • Your audiologist will contact you via telephone to ask you screening questions.  These are designed to distinguish if you have Coronavirus symptoms yourself or other people in your household.
  • They may ask you to make a note of any questions you may have in regards to your hearing before your appointment, which may help reduce appointment times.
  • You will be advised that it should be only yourself who attends the appointment.  If this is not possible, a member of your household can assist you - but they need to adhere to social distancing and they may have to wear a face mask during the appointment.
  • You will be asked to be on time for your appointment as we only allow one patient in the clinic at a time.
  • All social waiting areas and reception areas will be regularly cleaned and sanitised throughout the day.
  • There will be a buffer time for all the equipment and furniture to be cleaned and sanitised after each patient.
  • There will also be regular risk assessments of the practice, PPE and operations.
  • There will be a visible hand sanitising station for your use before your appointment.

During audiology appointment

  • Hands will be sanitised consistently before, during and after your appointment.
  • You will be asked your screening questions again to check that you are still safe to attend your appointment.
  • Wherever possible, the audiologist will remain at a safe 2m distance.
  • PPE may be used at all times, but will always be worn when being within 2m is necessary.  Be prepared to be asked to wear a face mask by the audiologist.
  • All close patient contact procedures will be done consecutively using PPE, so it is all done at the same time and reduces exposure.
  • Wherever possible, the equipment used will be limited.
  • Wherever possible, the equipment used will be adapted to help maintain a safe distance.
  • Equipment will be cleaned and sterilised after every appointment.
  • Equipment that is not necessary for the appointment will not be used.
  • If extra tests are needed they will be rescheduled for a later date.
  • As normal, patient records will be written, filed and maintained.  Due to COVID-19 we need to ensure that everything is recorded and the appointment was operated safely and within the guidelines stated by the government.
**All PPE worn will be put on and removed properly. Disposing of the PPE will follow the clinical waste guidelines and only ever used once**