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Ear Wax Removal


Wax blockage is one of the most common causes of hearing loss.

Ear wax or cerumen to give it its medical term, is a naturally occurring substance formed by the cerumen glands deep within the ear canal. We shed the skin from our eardrums and our ear canals just as we do, the skin on the rest of our body. Cerumen acts as a binding agent to help the dead skin cells move the wax along the ear canal until it naturally falls out of the ear or whilst washing/showering.

In an ideal world our ears would normally be self-cleaning. There are a number of factors that may prevent the natural migration of wax. This could be due to narrow ear canals, excessively hairy ears, impacted wax due to the use of cotton buds or hearing aids to name but a few.


Our procedure begins with a video otoscopic examination of the ear with pictures saved to your records. If during examination it is discovered the problem isn’t an ear canal blockage, then you may be offered a hearing test, referral to your GP or an ENT consultant. A small fee will be charged for the examination.

A brief hearing / ear health history and your consent to the procedure will be documented before deciding which method of removal is most appropriate for you.

Further otoscopic examination takes place after the procedure to demonstrate and record the results.


Micro Suction is a safe and effective process of wax removal. It was until recently only available in a hospital environment. The procedure is ideal for old and young alike whether someone has a hearing problem or not. Micro Suction is particularly suitable where somebody has or had a history of perforated eardrums or previously undergone ear surgery as there is no forward pressure on the ear structures.

Cheshire Hearing specialise in the micro suction technique of removing ear wax blockages. With no need for weeks of softening with oil based products, clients find the procedure quick and convenient. Most manage to have their ears cleared in a single session. However there will always be situations where a second session or pre-treatment is required. This is only likely to be where wax is severely impacted. Where we determine pre-treatment is necessary, we always recommend the use of a clinically treated oil such as Earol for a couple of days. This process lubricates the walls of the ear canal and softens the wax just enough for the suction probe to form a vacuum attachment.


There are a number of factors that may indicate that micro suction is not appropriate for a particular individual. Typically those clients with severe tinnitus or have experienced dizzy spells after previous micro suction procedure will be offered irrigation as an alternative. Traditional syringing of the ear canal, where the pressure can not be regulated or controlled is considered a hazardous or at the very least a risk prone procedure.

At Cheshire Hearing Centres we offer safe irrigation using the latest Propulse device where a steady flow of body temperature water is directed into the ear canal to wash out any wax blockage. This procedure is completed by "mopping" the ear canal to remove any water.


Carried out at one of our clinics or in the comfort of your home, our fee is £65 per appointment and if a single follow-up appointment is required it will be free.

We are able to offer appointments at times to suit you, including evenings and weekends. A fee may be charged for domiciliary visits - please ask when you book your appointment.


Safety is paramount at Cheshire Hearing Centres, our wax removal procedures should always be comfortable and pain free.

We only use single use instruments to ensure the highest levels of asepsis and control of cross contamination.

Our audiologists are highly qualified ear care professionals with many years of experience delivering excellent patient care.