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Hearing Instruments


Cheshire Hearing Centres supply the latest digital technology from Bernafon, GN ReSound, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron and Widex. By offering the latest hearing aids from the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers we can be sure our clients are getting the best hearing aids for their needs.

As an independent hearing aid company we are not tied to any manufacturers so our recommendations are driven by our clients needs and instrument benefits, not commercial or commission based considerations.

We classify the hearing aids we supply into six different technology levels. Pricing may vary between manufacturers but will be within the range stated in our price guide. Discounts apply to higher levels of technology when purchasing a pair of instruments.

We would hate price to get in the way of you accessing quality hearing care, that's why we offer our price match promise. If you find any of our hearing aids with our level of back up and aftercare at a lower price that you have been quoted we will match it.


Where only the best will do. Aimed at those who have to hear well in all situations. Whether in the work place, meetings or you simply need the very best in speech clarity. These systems deliver the most natural sound and perform exceptionally well in demanding situations.

These hearing instruments use cutting edge technology with the most up to date noise reduction and directional features that adapt to a users environment. One of our manufacturers promote that their system can even help you to hear better than those with normal hearing in a noisy environment.


Our Premium range is aimed at people who don't want to let their hearing loss stop them enjoying life. A typical premium user would find themselves regularly in a social environment such as a pub, club or busy restaurant. They may be involved in larger group meetings such as Probus, Rotary or U3A.


Hearing aids that are designed to work as a pair. Aimed at clients that spend time in group situations, be that looking after younger family, home based coffee mornings, religious situations or belong to a choir - many manufacturers now offer High Definition (HD) music featured on this level of technology.

Most systems that we offer from our Advanced range and above either share sound information between both instruments or use binaural processing, where decisions within the instrument are based on what sound is being picked up by both left and right aids.


The Standard range give our clients an impressive blend of hearing aid features and value for money. They are designed for people who need to hear well in a variety of daily listening environments, including moderate levels of background noise such as conversation in the street, supermarket or quiet cafe.


Our Essential Plus range is designed for people looking for a cost effective solution to help day to day communication where they would spend most of their time in quiet or minimal background noise. Most hearing aids in our Essential Plus range and above will be compatible with that manufacturers streaming devices so sound from TV, radio or a tablet device, a telephone or a remote microphone can be sent to the hearing instruments either directly or via a neck worn intermediate device.


Hearing instruments aimed at clients with the quietest of lifestyles. Typically these instruments will have limited or no noise reduction capacity and will probably involve some form of manual control. This range will help users who would spend most of their time in one to one conversation and listening to television or radio. Depending on manufacturer a limited range of hearing aid styles may be available.